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100% PURE Ketamine S-Isomer Needles. Top quality and only the good stuff that I would do myself. Relaxing/euphoric Ketamine.


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  • UK To the rest of the world.
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Benefits of using Ketamine:


  • Calming nerves
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Dreamy euphoria
  • Decreased anxiety/depression
  • Painless

Large dosage can cause:

  • Hallucinations
  • Out-of-body experiences

Directions: You can crush in to powder form and take by snorting or do bumps. Arent seeking for recreational use? This product is medical grade; and you can count on it for treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain or PTSD


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1 review for Ketamine S-isomer Needle Online

  1. MC

    First time buying of the internet, was doing ketamine infusions for depression which worked wonders for me.
    My Dr who I’ve been seeing for last 20 years started doing IV therapy a few years ago but just the vitamin ones eventually after much persistence and literature by me to show him that Ketamine infusions where being used more and more to treat anxiety and depression eventually agreed to give it a go with me being his only patient that he would give them too, he also only charged me $150 for the infusions which meant I was able to afford it and after doing thec initial 6 infusions over the course of about 2-1/2 weeks I then went to one every month and was doing incredibly well with that. He then about a year ago started to offer the ketamine infusions to more and more patients which was great for everyone else except about 4 months ago he was not able to get the ketamine anymore. Obviously being a Dr he would only of gotten it from a trusted doursce which he told me was not able to supply him as they themselves weren’t able to get it.
    It was extremely frustrating for me as I started to slip back into depression and when I looked at other Drs or clinics that were offering ketamine infusions I couldn’t believe how much they were charging ?
    The cheapest I found was $500 which also included having to travel an hour and a half each way which If I could of afforded would have been a real hassle.
    I decided to look online to o see if I could find Ketamine for him to order and be able to continue giving me the monthly infusions when I came across this site. I’ve never ordered anything of the internet like this for obvious reasons in that I didn’t trust that if I sent $ that I would in fact receive what ever it is I ordered but I spoke to the person via a chat application and after a few back and forths just decided that I felt it was genuine and decided to order 1 gram of ketamine, the smallest amount available plus the least amount of $ I could potentially be saying goodbye too.
    I’m so glad I did and my gut that it was genuine payed off a week later when the package came in the mail, which I soon found out to be exactly as advertised, a very pure product.
    I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for anything before now, but if there are people out there like me that struggle with anxiety and depression and can’t afford the crazy prices the clinics and drs charge and don’t know how to get the medication like I didn’t till I found this site, I know I would appreciate very much knowing I was able to trust that you will get exactly what is advertised.
    Once I received the package I immediately got back in touch and ordered a ketamine nasal spray which I just got yesterday and I used it last night and it was incredible! 5 stars ⭐️

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